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I am a FR-EN and IT-EN translator with experience in the literary, cultural, commercial and legal sectors. I hold a Second Class Honours BA degree in French, Italian and European Studies, specialising in translation. Words are my trade and both my own writing and my translations are crafted with the utmost precision, fluency and creativity. I am passionate about recognition for translators and introducing foreign literature to the UK, especially children’s stories. My most recent translation is ‘Secrets of the Butcher’- a 90,000-word book to be published in English in the US.

My main areas of work include fiction (especially children’s fiction, historical fiction and fantasy), culture, art, history, travel, feminism, politics and journalism and religion. I also write reader reports. I charge £0.09 per word, the minimum rate recommended by the UK Translators Association. Available 7 days a week.


I have been a freelance writer for 3 years and have been published in various publications including Verily Magazine, Life Learning Magazine, My French Life and the French Chamber of Commerce blog. I currently work with YA Shot, writing content to promote the importance of libraries and access to literature to underprivileged children. Topics I write about usually fit in culture, travel, education and lifestyle sections.

I charge a day rate of £250, the minimum rate recommended by the professional copywriter’s network. I offer a day rate rather than an hourly rate as this is fairer to both myself and the client; it offers a middle ground between hourly rates and project rates.

Hourly rates can reward the copywriter for their inefficiency- the longer they take in completing a project, the more they earn. Project rates mean the copywriter receives a set rate, regardless of how much extra work is involved, meaning they are often underpaid. A day rate allows clients to pay for work in measurable installments, while incorporating additional flexibility for copywriters to deal with additional tasks such as research or emails. (Read more about honest copywriting rates here).

Book reviews

I accept proof copies for review on my blog from publishers of children’s literature (from picture books all the way to YA), historical fiction and translated literature.

Please contact me at if you would like to work with me.