To Blog or Not to Blog?

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Almost a year ago, I began writing this blog. When I signed up to WordPress, I was wary. When I chose an artist from Etsy to design my header and bio, I asked myself if I was sure about what I was doing. I laughed at the idea of people coming to read what I had to say. I was worried what people would think, and I was worried about how I could possibly make myself stand out in the sea of voices of the blogosphere. Most of the blogs I follow now are well established, popular and so unique that it is as if the internet has been waiting for them since the very beginning.  I asked myself if it was worth the effort? Would blogging help get me from where I was then, to where I wanted to be? I think a lot of bloggers have asked themselves this same question.A year later, and I’ve only just told my closest family members that I use a tiny corner of the internet to voice my opinions and to connect with others. I’ve worried that I will seem vain to them- because a lot of the time blogging involves talking about yourself.

This first year has been about feeling my way. Its been about learning to use wordpress, experimenting with what I want to write about, and making friends. Although I have a minsucule amount of readers, and I’m not entirely happy with my blog, I have had so many opportunies already. If you are looking to write professionaly, then it really is true that blogging opens doors.  Since last April, my writing confidence has soared. I no longer spend hours editing and fretting over my writing before it’s even finished. Blogging has given me the incentive to get things written before I go about perfecting them. It’s given me the confidence to write an article for a real magazine, something I would have only dreamed of before. My blog has given my writing credibility- I was given the role of monthly contributor for the Smart Girls Group, and I am now part of two blogging networks, Smart Girls Media Sisters and Her Campus Blogging Network, which give me opportunities to learn from professionals. I have chatted to some inspiring people, and I got to chat to an author about writing a novel. I get free books in exchange for reviews. I love being part of the blogging community, reading other peoples’ work and discussing blogging with others.

While applying for placements for my year abroad, I have loved being able to put these things on my CV. Not because I like to brag, but because, yes, I am proud, and I believe blogging shows potential employers that you have passion, be it a passion for writing, or making your voice heard, or communicating with others. It proves that you possess the organisational skills and the creativity to maintain an online platform, and the motivation to work hard.

This first year has been about baby steps and silent victories. Now I’m thinking about what exactly I want to focus on, what I want to create and how  I want readers to see Typewritered. It’s not worth creating a blog if your only goal is to become famous or to get free stuff. But don’t hold back just because you are worried you will never stand out. Blogging could take you just about anywhere, and I am so glad I made that jump!


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