A Place for Booklovers

image (23)About a month ago, my housemate and I stumbled across a second-hand bookshop in Bath. We had to ring on a brass bell to be let inside, and we soon realised we hade found a little piece of book lover/collector heaven.

On the ground floor, colourful first editions stand in glass cases, hand written price tags attached to their aging spines. A shiny box set of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five caught my eye and took me briefly back to childhood. Down in the basement waited even more treasures: more Enid Blyton and other ancient children books, leather bound volumes, dusty and peeling, their pages held together by straps tied around their middles. Books on how to be a “good wife”, books on gardening, biographies and novels lined the shelves.

I thought I’d share a few pictures for those of you who would like to find your own Aladdin’s Cave!

image (22)

 I love the feeling of peace that comes from book filled rooms. I could spend hours flicking through the pages, staring at the names of previous owners, usually written in ink on the inside of the front covers, and imagine what their lives were like and who they were when they were reading this particular book.

IMG_2875[1]image (30) image (31)There is something about the brightly coloured, leather books and yellow, sweet smelling pages that give me a warm, satisfied feeling. I get to thinking about who they were written by, and when, and why. They make me want to write.

This place is camouflaged, hidden inside another of Bath’s sand coloured buildings. If you can find it, get ready to lose yourself for a couple of hours! For those who want to visit, the shop is called George Bayntun  and is on Manvers Street in Bath. Click on the name to go to their website!

image (26) image (25)

IMG_2874[1] IMG_2877[1] IMG_2876[1]

image (29)



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