10 Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit at University

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Right now is a busy time at university, with deadlines looming and ruin-your-holidays essays being assigned. Everybody is excited  to go home and be with family and friends to celebrate Christmas, but while you wait, here are 10 ways to get you into the Christmas spirit while you’re still at uni!

1. Get a Christmas tree, even a tiny one, and decorate with tinsel and cheap but pretty fairy lights.

2. Put on some cheesy Christmas music while you’re at home. I have so many favourites that I should start thinking about making a playlist!

3. Buy some mulled wine, and sip through the evening with a book and your best Christmas jumper.

4. Visit the Christmas market if there is one in your town. The atmosphere and the smell of roasted nuts will get you feeling christmassy in no time!

5. Do a Secret Santa with your friends, then have fun Christmas shopping!

6. Ice Skating! Most big towns have one in December.

7. See a play. My university puts some on, but we also have the theatre in Bath, and going always feels like a special, Christmas occasion to me.

8. Cook an early Christmas dinner with your housemates, or go out for one. There are loads of deals on for Christmas meals around this time so it shouldn’t cost too much!

9. Go carol singing, or if that’s not your thing, listen instead. Where I live, there are usually carol singers at Church or in groups in the street.

10. Write some lists! I love deciding what I’m going to buy for my family and imagining their faces when they open their gifts. Of course, giving is one of the most important parts of Christmas, but it doesn’t hurt to write your own wishlist, too! :p



  1. Definitely with you on number 10! Lists seem to be the main way I get excited for anything… And I’m going ice skating at the Natural History Museum in London next weekend- can’t wait!


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