Who Am I to Write About Education?

I am not a mother. I am not a teacher, nanny or OFSTED inspector. I do not study child development. I am a twenty year old language student. Not the typical profile for somebody who likes to talk about educating children!

Those closest to me probably think I’ll turn out to be a bit of a hippie. I’m more than happy to be put into that category. I’m all for radical change in the education system, finding out the truth behind the food and health care industry, natural healing, home-education, veganism, attachment parenting and feminism. Yeah, defintely a hippie.

Child development and learning are what interest me and home-education and its different methods just happen to be a subject that gets my blood running (in a good way.) I can’t help the fact that these are things I passionately believe in and find absolutely fascinating, or the fact that I could explore and discuss them for days on end.

I have read books on alternative education, observed my younger sister’s growth and learning since her birth and have seen the effects of mainstream schooling on my other siblings. I have experienced both school and home education for myself.

So I started a blog, despite knowing that my audience would likely be a small minority and that most alternative education blogs follow the bloggers personal homeschooling journey with his/her children, which is fine except I don’t have any! But a painter can enjoy painting before he becomes a renowned artist, right? In fact, he will become a renowned artist because of that exploration of painting. Professional footballers start off playing matches in the park before they play for one of their country’s teams. So I feel I can talk about home education before I get to put my ideas into practice.

I blog about literature, self education and more “girly” things, too. Alternative education is just another one of my interests. I’m not sure why I feel the need to explain all this. Probably because I am aware that not many people of my age choose to discuss child development, and people may find it a bit weird! 😁 Nobody knows I write this blog, you see, and sometimes I wonder what they will think when they find out. Regardless, somehow I can’t stop writing it!

I don’t think the fact that I do not currently homeschool any children means I should not be blogging about it. Although I do not get to see the benefits of home education every day, I know they exist, and I know they are the path that leads to a happy, relaxed and fulfilling education. I’m glad I got a small chance to experience that education on a personal level because it taught me so much and led me to my belief in self education. Another thing it taught me is to never stop exploring what stirs up passion and curiosity inside you. And so I blog.


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