New Apartment Wish List

I’ll be moving into my new flat in Bath at the end of September, and I can’t wait! I’ll be sharing with a friend and have a long list of things I want for my room! Here are a few.

Ashley Thomas Light Turquoise Lorna Bedding Set | £65


Debenhams Bronze Rabbit Hooks | £10

Although I love these (they’re so quirky!) I doubt I would be able to use them in a rented flat, unless I found some sort of stick on back.

Ikea Raskog Trolley | £50


I’ve seen this used for so many things on Pinterest, as a kitchen trolley, a place to store art supplies, and my favourite, a bedside “table” full of books! I love this pin.

Harry Potter Wall Art | £8


I have so much favourited wall art on Etsy, but this one is extra pretty!

Retro Mint Green Lamp | £20


I’ve seen so many gorgeous retro lamps online, but they are all ridiculously expensive for a student. This one is cheap and simple and will add a vintage edge to my room.

Cable Knit Merino Wool Throw, Ecru | £89,95


Yes, it’e expensive. And yes, I’ll probably never even lay my hands on it. But I looooove it so much.

I could show you more but we would be here forever. I hope you liked this post!  🙂

I better go and earn some money now.



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