Exam Results

The exam period at university is a hugely stressful time. I’ve seen girls get so worked up that they do not sleep for weeks, cramming non stop instead. I can’t function without sleep, but most of my waking hours were spent revising, researching and obsessing over facts and dates.
And it was well worth the effort. I passed all my modules and finished my first year with a high 2:1, which I am thrilled about!

It’s so uplifting to realise that all that hard work went toward something and my grades have motivated me to aim for a 1st in my second year. For the first time, I actually remember all that I learned this year! I’m so excited for the learning opportunities that will arise once I get back to uni in September. I’m looking forward to signing up to extra classes and a few sports groups and societies and making the most of my time in Bath, because this first year passed so quickly!

How did your exams go and how do you revise? I’d love to hear from you!



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