What is Education (or Learning) ?

IMG_0017[1]I wanted to write this post to make it clear to the lovely people who actually read my blog that although I blog about leaving school and the benefits of learning at home, it doesn’t mean I am against all educational establishments. “Education” is such a wide term. When I hear the word education, I do not think of my schooling, but of my own personal learning experiences. What I strive for ultimately is the opportunity to learn.

I’d rather say “learning” than “education” because for me, learning is an incredible thing that doesn’t require you be “educated” to happen. It is natural and doesn’t only take place in formal, academic environments like school.Yes, I believe children learn better when their learning is spontaneous and non-pressured, and yes I believe they learn better outside of the traditional school system.I also believe it is every person’s right to be, from the youngest age, in charge of his/her education and learning process. And it is a person’s right to choose how and where he/she is educated, be it at school or at home, public or private, grammar or not, because everybody learns differently.

Nobody should let their education be dictated by someone ese, because learning does not happen when you are bored, forced or uninterested. I do believe in a relaxed, natural way of learning for children, but this does not mean I dislike the rigourous workload given in higher education. At university, I love studying, reading and researching, expanding my knowledge again and again. I love it because I chose to do it. Nobody forced me in any direction.I use univeristy as another ressource towards my learning. Learning is empowering, and although books, essays and lectures are a wonderful range of resources,they are not, of course, the only way to learn.It is important to do what works for you.

I am lucky to live in a country where women have the same rights to an education as men, and access to a huge range of learning ressources. Our education is our own and it is important to me that we all be free to choose what and how we learn. I am so grateful I have been able to do so.


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